Inflexible and expensive payment solutions frustrate contractors, workers and staff. KyckGlobal’s cloud-based payments platform helps you retain valuable talent with an easier, more accurate way to pay workers outside the traditional payroll schedule.

Exceed the expectations of your evolving workforce with advance pay, daily pay, off-cycle payments, and expanded payment options, including direct-to-bank issued debit, cash, ACH, PayPal, pre-paid cards and paycards – all from a single platform. KyckGlobal aligns with your ongoing internal compliance, financial management and recordkeeping. KyckGlobal’s payment solution automates reconciliation reports, TIN match compliance, and 1099 generation. KyckGlobal frees up staff to focus on people – not paperwork.

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KyckGlobal Powers Cash Payouts for Oasis Financial

“Faster availability of funds to unbanked victims of injury and accident”   ATLANTA, GA (September 15, 2020) – KyckGlobal recently announced a new partnership with Oasis Financial to expand the

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Here’s What Happens When Cash Acceptance Replaces Money Orders

CASE STUDY (JULY 15, 2020) Cash acceptance allows customers to enter any one of 45,000 physical locations across the U.S. to drop off cash payment. Participating locations include MoneyGram, WalMart,

KyckGlobal Inks Deal with GivePay for Expanded Outbound Payments

“KyckGlobal’s portal for daily and instant payouts, expands our funding options to the next level”   ATLANTA, GA (July 7, 2020) – KyckGlobal, the digital payments firm offering the broadest

KyckGlobal Further Accelerates Digital Payments, Automates 1099 IRS Filing for Payers

MTM: “KyckGlobal’s platform offers the reliability and speed necessary to transform a challenging issue into a tremendous asset for our team”   ATLANTA – (June 16 , 2020) Atlanta-based financial

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KyckGlobal Secures SOC 2 Compliance

Third-party audit of security protocols finds zero exceptions   ATLANTA, GA (May 27, 2020) - KyckGlobal Inc, the digital payments firm offering the broadest array of payment types from a

KyckGlobal Partners with MoneyGram International To Expand Global Payout Network

ATLANTA, GA (May 14, 2020) – KyckGlobal announced an expansion of its partnership with MoneyGram International, a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers  to now serve over

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KyckGlobal Delivers Solution to Ole Group For Online Class Tuition Payment

ATLANTA, GA (April 28, 2020) – KyckGlobal announced a partnership with Ole Group to provide a payment gateway for a software platform operated by Ole that facilitates online access to

KyckGlobal to Expand Real-Time Push Payments in U.S. Marketplaces with Visa Direct

ATLANTA, GA (April 14, 2020) – KyckGlobal announced a collaboration with Visa to expand the availability of ‘push payments’ in the U.S. commercial sector. Push payments allow for the sending

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How One Lending Firm Broke Out of its Brick-and-Mortar Business Model

CASE STUDY   (APRIL 2, 2020) Learn how Rapid Auto Loans, a Florida-based title lending company with 20 locations, combined technological innovation with cash payments via the KyckGlobal platform to

KyckGlobal | Payment Tools

KyckGlobal Accelerates Digital Payments, Automates 1099 IRS Filing for Payers

Recent raft of platform enhancements fully informed by customer feedback   ATLANTA, GA (March 19, 2020) Atlanta-based financial technology firm KyckGlobal, Inc. recently announced a major raft of customer-driven improvements

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How One Direct-Selling Firm Crushed 1099 Prep and Filing

CASE STUDY   (MARCH 6, 2020) Learn how Aloette, a direct sales beauty company with contracted consultants from coast to coast, overcame the burden of annual tax summary preparation, IRS

Did your team have ‘1099 Torment’ in January? It’s time to outsource.

ATLANTA, GA (February 18, 2020) – Your teammates in Finance are finally getting a good night’s sleep, now that the Jan 31 deadline for sending out 1099 tax summaries has