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Payroll isn’t what it used to be. Contractors are an essential and growing ‘talent halo’ for most employers. Smooth, accurate payment and recordkeeping is essential to building long-term relationships with valuable contract talent. Figuring out the best way to pay independent contractors and to track 1099 paperwork is daunting. Meanwhile, some traditional employees would rather be paid immediately – ‘daily-pay’ – instead of manage their personal finances according to the traditional pay schedule.

Do you often need to pay anybody, including consumers as well as 1099 contractors, just one time? We’ve got a solution for that, too. To Pay Anybody, One Time

KyckGlobal helps you keep the 1099 talent you need with efficient, accurate payment  – one time and every time.



Here’s how it works.


Assess & Analyze Payor Patterns

First, analyze your payroll ‘exceptions’ to see how much time, attention and bother it takes to handle 1099, daily-pay and off-cycle payments.

Prioritize & Plan the Best Way to Pay Contractors

Decide what options for payment are most important to both your contractors and employees and your own internal financial processes, so you can offer the most mutually convenient options from the KyckGlobal menu of payment services.

Set It in Action: Payor Peace of Mind

Set up your preferences in KyckGlobal’s dashboard. Once your controls are established, the KyckGlobal platform will automatically generate records, reports and IRS-required documents. You won’t have to chase down paperwork and neither will your 1099 talent.

Let It Work: Track 1099’s and Payor Paperwork

Onboard new contractors and manage daily-pay and off-cycle employee payments through KyckGlobal for smooth, reliable, documented disbursements.

Monitor & Review: Let Cloud Invoicing Do the Work

Secure, fast and flexible: the KyckGlobal platform lets you handle the exceptions without diverting attention or resources from the normal flow of payroll and related compliance.

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