Like adding rocket fuel to your current payroll solution.


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The gig economy has elevated the expectations of America’s employees. Workers want faster access to wages earned and more options as to how they get paid. Standard payroll offers no payment flexibility for salaried and hourly workers, and falls flat for businesses with W9 contractors. KyckGlobal solves the puzzle for both types of workers with features designed to improve retention, reduce risk, and streamline overhead – all from a single platform.





The KyckGlobal platform integrates seamlessly
with your current payroll solution
  Lightning-fast onboarding and payments!
Access via web app, batch file, and API
Advance Pay: Provide employees controlled access to earned wages ahead of payday


Automated TIN validation and KYC processes
for more streamlined hiring
Daily Pay: Allow employees to work a day
and get paid the same day
  Produce, send digital AND hard copy
annual 1099s with a single button click
Apply a nominal convenience fee
to faster payment types


Proof of income summaries available to
contractors via the KyckGlobal web app


Additional awesomeness

Allow all – or some – of your workers to choose from a broad array of payment types
Pay underbanked employees with cash via MoneyGram(R) or reloadable paycards
Recognize outstanding employees with ‘closed loop’ gift cards to popular merchants like and Home Depot
Provide meaningful performance incentives with ‘open-loop’ prepaid Mastercard cards
Generate reconciliation reports through our web app with a single button click, or via API interface

Thanks to KyckGlobal, your workers can now*

Choose their preferred
payment type or types
Route earned funds
to multiple accounts
Split earned funds into
multiple payment methods
* Features are turned on and off by the employer.



  • PCI and SOC II compliant. Third-party audited and approved.
  • Fully accessible via web app or API, built on modern RESTful API standards.
  • 100% data protection liability by KyckGlobal and its service partners.
  • End-to-end encryption technology at rest and in transit.
  • Advanced intrusion detection includes filtering, logging, real-time monitoring.
  • Real-time audit log tracks access and data changes.

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The gig economy will only keep expanding, along with potential complications for financial management, accounting and cash flow. Learn more about the implications of the gig economy for your operation by downloading “Winning in the Gig Economy.”


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