KyckGlobal Powers Payments for Nonprofit Delivering Critical Surgeries for Children Around the World

Childspring International to Use KyckGlobal Payments Engine to Make Cross-Border Payments to Physicians Addressing Treatable Conditions


ATLANTA, GA (June 16, 2021) – KyckGlobal Inc., the digital payments firm offering a broad array of payment types and support services from a single point of reconciliation, announced a partnership with Childspring International to facilitate payments to physicians performing surgical procedures for children around the world.

KyckGlobal provides a cloud-based payments engine featuring a growing array of high-value endpoints from which payment recipients may select. All payment types originate from a single point of funding and reconciliation, ensuring a consistent payee experience regardless of payment flavor. By partnering with KyckGlobal, Childspring International can now pay physicians and medical facilities around the world via international wire or by cash disbursement. Wires are sent to a receiving account provided by the payee using a secure branded portal, with payment in local currency or US dollars. Payees receiving cash payment receive a unique code via email or SMS text message, which the payee then shows at any of 350,000 participating endpoint locations around the world to pick up cash.

Based in Atlanta GA, Childspring International ( is a 501C3 nonprofit organization working to ensure that children around the world have access to surgical care. The surgeries typically address conditions that are entirely treatable, but can lead to social stigma and a lifetime of health complications if left unaddressed. Childspring has worked in 50 countries to underwrite thousands of surgeries to address cleft lip and palate, orthopedic conditions, hernias, congenital heart conditions, burn victims, and more.

“KyckGlobal’s streamlining of our payment workflow translates directly into more children served,” said Alison Fussell, Executive Director of Childspring International. “KyckGlobal’s service will be transformational to Childspring, in terms of speed and impact.”

“As a father, I can imagine the relief that Childspring provides to children and their families around the world,” said Ashish Bahl, founder and CEO of KyckGlobal. “We’re deeply committed to helping Childspring increase its capacity to achieve its incredible mission.”


About KyckGlobal, Inc.

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