Stay Ahead with News, Tools and Tactics that Make Payments Easier and More Accurate

Employee and contractor satisfaction is a moving target.

You want talent to bring imagination and initiative to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Talent expect the same from you, especially when it comes to the logistics of payment. Offering to pay when and how employees and contractors want to be paid sends the message that you are looking out for them the way you want them to look out for you.

With KyckGlobal, you can signal your commitment to talent by offering them a form of payment that’s easy for them and convenient for you.

KyckGlobal helps you retain and strengthen relationships with employees and talent with the latest payment options.  Count on us to anticipate what your employees and contractors expect in terms of convenient pay and seamless, accurate recordkeeping.

And we understand that ‘exception’ payments – those outside the normal flow of payroll – can be a speed bump for your financial and human resource management. We are on a mission to figure out better ways to make the exceptions routine. We’d love to keep you in the loop on the latest technology, tactics and tools for off-cycle and contractor payments.