Plus Relocation Offers Convenience With Digital Payment Options, Powered by KyckGlobal

Flexible cross-border and domestic disbursement methods to improve the experience of professionals relocating to 175+ countries


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (December 13, 2022) – Plus Relocation, a leading global mobility company, recently announced the selection of KyckGlobal, a digital disbursements platform with a broad array of payment methods, as its provider of digital payment solutions to its clients’ employees relocating domestically and around the world.

Prior to partnering with KyckGlobal, Plus Relocation sought a smoother disbursement process and additional disbursement options for its clients and their relocating employees. The KyckGlobal solution reduces the amount of sensitive data that Plus Relocation needs to solicit, store, and transmit and eliminates the need for employees to share sensitive banking info with anyone other than the issuing bank. Through this partnership, Plus Relocation continues to demonstrate its commitment to reducing risk amid the collection of sensitive customer and payment data.

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Relocating employees now access a web-based payee portal, where they enter contact information, select their preferred payment type, and add account details. The workflow is fully immersed in the Plus Relocation brand, and the payee can access the portal at any time to change payment type or edit contact information. For international disbursements, employees choose from Visa Push to Account, PayPal, IACH, and international wire to USD or local currency. For domestic disbursements, employees choose from Push to Debit (Visa and Mastercard), PayPal, Venmo, and ACH. The payee portal has also reduced Plus Relocation’s PCI compliance risk.

“Payment flexibility and reimbursement speed are mission-critical to our clients and their relocating employees,” said Plus Relocation Chief Operating Officer Joe Benevides. “Our partnership with KyckGlobal will allow us to further realize our vision of a smooth and stress-free relocation for each and every employee, anywhere in the world.”

“Plus Relocation knows that innovation drives today’s customer experience,” said Andy Moorhead, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales at KyckGlobal. “Our solution was built precisely for companies like Plus Relocation, intent on delivering a consistently world-class payment experience, regardless of location or destination.”

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