KyckGlobal Opens the Door on Cash Bill Payment From U.S. To Ecuador

New Partnership with Easypagos Allows Expatriates in the U.S. to Pay Bills in Ecuador Using Cash


ATLANTA, GA (December 29, 2020) – KyckGlobal Inc., the digital payments firm offering the broadest available array of payment types from a single point of reconciliation, announced that it has inked an agreement to provide cash acceptance services for Easypagos, a bill payment service based in Ecuador. The service will allow individuals living in the United States to pay bills in Ecuador using cash, while sidestepping costs and delays associated with money orders and physical checks.

KyckGlobal provides a cloud-based technology layer featuring a growing array of high-value endpoints from which payment recipients may select. All of the payment types originate from a single point of funding and reconciliation. Cash acceptance is one of several payment-related services offered by KyckGlobal; other services include digital contractor onboarding, automated tax summaries, IRS filing, and others. Those seeking to pay bills in Ecuador with cash may drop off payment at any one of 30,000 physical locations in the United States. Payer information and payment instructions are then given to Easypagos for downstream distribution in Ecuador. Easypagos was founded in 2000 and has an extensive network of physical offices across Ecuador from which local consumers pay bills and transfer money around the world.

“Our partnership with Easypagos is a perfect example of how KyckGlobal can streamline payments and improve the customer experience both locally and around the world,” said Ashish Bahl, founder and CEO of KyckGlobal. “We’re delighted to forge partnerships that build upon our global distribution endpoints.”

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