KyckGlobal Partners With InComm to Provide Same-Day Pay to Gig Workers

Gift and prepaid cards to be offered as payment options

May 7, 2019 (ATLANTA) – KyckGlobal, a new platform for streamlining contractor pay disbursement, has partnered with InComm, a leading payments technology company, to offer businesses with gig-economy workforces an additional form of payment.
InComm will expand KyckGlobal’s service portfolio by providing a stored-value card option. This would enable businesses to pay their workers through gift or prepaid cards, with funds being available the same day the work is completed.

“We’ve been asked by customers if we can fulfill gift cards as part of an incentive program and are thrilled to be able to offer these choices,” said Sam Wheeler, KyckGlobal’s chief revenue officer. “InComm has longstanding partnerships with more than a thousand brands, so our clients’ contractors can spend their earnings – seamlessly and immediately – just about anywhere they care to.”

“This new application of gift and prepaid cards further demonstrates how popular and convenient they are,” said Dave Etling, Senior Vice President and General Manager of InComm Digital Solutions. “Our partnership with KyckGlobal will allow us to introduce our products to a whole new set of customers.”

KyckGlobal also provides same-day compensation via ACH, PayPal and Cash through its partnership with MoneyGram. Its payment platform contains a built-in reporting and filing system for filing contractors’ 1099 forms with the Internal Revenue Service.

“It wasn’t that long ago that every worker was paid nearly every day for the work they completed. Having multiple payment flavors with multiple frequencies will be critical for businesses to bridge the gap between themselves and their contract employees,” said Wheeler. “In this expanding gig economy, we at KyckGlobal are doing everything we can to help businesses attract and retain the best talent.”


About KyckGlobal

KyckGlobal is a cloud-based fintech firm dedicated to helping companies attract, retain and incentivize their talent through the power of e-invoicing and payments. It recently raised $8 million in seed capital, enabling it to build a next-generation platform to enhance loyalty among contractors by giving them dynamic control to manage their compensation, accounting and compliance across payers. Founded in 2018 by fintech executives and entrepreneurs, the company is headquartered in Atlanta. For more information, visit

About InComm

By building more value into every transaction through innovative payment technologies, InComm creates seamless and valuable commerce experiences. With more than 25 years of experience, over 500,000 points of distribution, 369 global patents and a presence in more than 30 countries, InComm leads the payments industry from its headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. Learn more at