Automated Contractor Payroll Services: TIN, KYC, Form 1099, IRS Filing

The payments solution you – and your gig workers – have been waiting for.

Today’s gig workers want faster access to earned wages and more options for getting paid, but traditional payroll solutions fall short for businesses with gig and freelance workers. KyckGlobal solves the puzzle with a scalable suite of payment management services from a single platform – and a single point of reconciliation.



  • Digital W9 capture and financial account verification
  • Automated KYC processing with IRS TIN match & OFAC check
  • Onboard via a ready-to-use web app, or API integration
  • Automated B-Notice generation – minimal payer effort



  • Produce and distribute annual 1099s with one click
  • Digital and hard-copy 1099 distribution options
  • Instant upload of 1099 tax summaries to the IRS
  • 7 years 1099 digital storage


Drastically reduced overhead
Reduced risk of IRS penalties
Improved freelance worker satisfaction and retention
Consistent end-to-end payee experience

With KyckGlobal, your payees can now*

KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments
Choose their preferred
payment type or types
Route payment to
multiple accounts
Split payment into
multiple payment types
* Features may be turned on or off by the payer.



  • PCI and SOC II compliant. Third-party audited and approved.
  • Fully accessible via web app or API, built on modern RESTful API standards.
  • 100% data protection liability by KyckGlobal and its service partners.
  • End-to-end encryption technology at rest and in transit.
  • Advanced intrusion detection includes filtering, logging, real-time monitoring.
  • Real-time audit log tracks access and data changes.

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