6 Fast & Easy Cross-Border Payment Types from 1 Integrated Platform

Six global-ready payment types from a single integrated platform.

U.S.-based firms with a global reach require a reliable XB payments partner to eliminate disbursement delays and FX headaches. Get ready for six global-ready payment types to pay individuals and corporations, including real-time payments and even cash for underbanked payees. You get the payment types you want, coupled with the key support services you need to excel in global business.


International ACH and wires, Push to Card, Push to Account, PayPal and cash – all from one platform and one point of reconciliation.
Payments issued from the KyckGlobal platform allow you to achieve true global reach with payment access to 200+ countries.
KyckGlobal’s digital payee onboarding is region-specific, ensuring you collect every data point you need for global payments.
Whether you use 2 payment types or 10, KyckGlobal reports include all payment data, offering new business insights.
Simplify your outbound payments! Make international and domestic payments from a single provider and a single platform.
Send cash to payees in underbanked countries in their local currency. 
Access the platform via the secure web portal to make singular or batch payments, or embed it with API integration.
Even more payment types available!
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With KyckGlobal, your payees can now*

KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments KyckGlobal | Payment Solutions | Digital Payments
Choose their preferred payment type or types
Route payment to multiple accounts
Split payment into multiple payment types
* Features may be turned on or off by the payer.



  • PCI and SOC II compliant. Third-party audited and approved.
  • Fully accessible via web app or API, built on modern RESTful API standards.
  • 100% data protection liability by KyckGlobal and its service partners.
  • End-to-end encryption technology at rest and in transit.
  • Advanced intrusion detection includes filtering, logging, real-time monitoring.
  • Real-time audit log tracks access and data changes.

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