Liquidity Services for Cryptocurrency Exchanges | Fast API Integration

Goodbye, slow ACH transactions. Say hello to fast cash.

For cryptocurrency exchanges, customer loyalty is key, and KyckGlobal’s liquidity services optimize your customer experience. With KyckGlobal, your customers can make fast cash deposits to – and withdrawals via fiat from – their crypto wallets on your platform. More details:


With a simple code issued from the KyckGlobal platform, your customer can pick up fiat cash at 55,000 domestic US locations and 350,000 endpoints around the world.
55,000 domestic U.S. endpoints means 95% of U.S. residents are within 5 miles of a cash drop-off location, to load their crypto wallet.
Fiat cash deposit and withdrawal services via 20,000 domestic U.S. ATMs deliver the anonymity your customers want.
Move beyond cash with PayPal, Venmo, and other real-time payment flavors – all from the same platform.
‘API First’ architecture means the transaction experience is 100% aligned with your brand, to drive customer loyalty.

With KyckGlobal, your payees can now

Withdraw cash
around the world
Deposit cash
across the U.S.
Make cash transactions
at domestic ATMs



  • PCI and SOC II compliant. Third-party audited and approved.
  • Fully accessible via web app or API, built on modern RESTful API standards.
  • 100% data protection liability by KyckGlobal and its service partners.
  • End-to-end encryption technology at rest and in transit.
  • Advanced intrusion detection includes filtering, logging, real-time monitoring.
  • Real-time audit log tracks access and data changes.

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